Other projects

Here are some random fun stuff I built over the years, under family Projects you can also see some things I have made with the family.

kitchen knives in Damascus Steele, bronze and rosewood. I made the three to the left as gifts to friends and the four to the right for my family.

Damascus Steele kitchen knives with bronze cast details and cactus juice stabilized birch burl, with different amount of color in the mix.

My knives have this curve underneath because in the larger knives it gives a nice resting place for my index finger when cutting and more importantly it is a personal esthetic throwback to the viking bearded axes that I like to make.

Above is a low layer count damascus with deep hollow grind and stabilized lilac tree from my garden. Below A damascus blade with stabilized colored old root of unknown origins for handle. The two pictures above show that local wood and some tinkering can give a nice variety and durable handles.

Magnus Wahlgren is a colleague who has a fondness for steampunk. Since he has been so kind to me I thought I would spoil him and build a clock radio. The tube is from an x-ray machine with a led lamp turning green underneath when you turn it on.

Left: My friend Rune and our families sometimes go ice fishing together so I made us matching toolboxes/seats. Centre:  my colleague Krister Tano wanted to spoil his wife when she turned 60 so he bought a big Diamond in Antwerpen where we do research together and we designed a gold pendant based on their orchids that I then made. Right: I got this bike when I was 15 and biked all seasons for many years. The chain even broke when it was -45celcius and I went up a steep hill. Then it was stolen and I mourned the loss for a year when I accedently found it and stole it back. I therefore blinged it up making it obvious who it belonged to.

Left: A proper sized kitchen table that I built so that friends and family can eat together. Right: our wedding rings.

Left: the wedding rings I made for some friends. A golden ring with one set diamond. I made it for my wife to acknowledge the rough first two years that passed, with our secound child that would not sleep. To celebrate that we still stick together!

Left:One of several silver swallows I made for my kids kindergarden staff Their group is called the swallow. Center:Right: Same thing for the group called the butterfly. Center butterfly for one of our friends daughter.

Silver in modern design. A present for my mothers friend. All rough hammered silver and lapis.

Left: Previous and current owner of a well kept Morgan 4/4. Bo Jonsson bought it from a friend who had it the first 20 years, he had it 20 years and I hope to enjoy it for the next 20 years. Right: Bo Jonsson is in sweden known as a movie producer with productions like Sällskapsresan and the Korpen flyger movies. Here I am holding the cult classic “tungur knivur”.