Renovating a house in a listed area can be a challange, but since we are huge nerds we usually want to go beyond the regulations anyway. Here are some examples of what has been done over the years. We find it useful and recomend others to look back every now and then to remember what has been achieved and not only focus on all that is not yet done.

The Project at an early state in summer and Winter. My brother Mikael and I are laying roof top left.. The plantation was built for Elisabeth as a brithdaypresent. The garage is really a workshop and the small shed is a garden tool shed. The window to my right in the bottom corner is our guest house, an old kyrkstuga.

Two pictures of our kyrkstuga/ guesthouse. We try to keep it as period as possible. So mostly for the guests that enjoy a bit of rugged charm.

Left:A proper sized dinner table inspired by a british original from around 1700. Built to accomodate family and friends.  Right: Elisabeth always wanted a green house. It is said that a happy wife grants a happy life so.

Left and right: One of several stairs that I built over the years, solid granit. Only fools buy a gym membership.

Left: Child Labour is a good way to save your back. Center: Even more stonework Right: stone and green, a good combo.


Left and right: a four poster bed that I built for Elisabeth when she turned 30. The tapastry was bought in England during our honeymoon and the side curtains she made with william morris fabrics. On the foot there is an E for Elisabeth and an A for Anton and a Rowan tree since our name Rönnblom translated to english is rowan blossom. Between the pillow there is a small bronze plaque with rowan leaves stating when the gift was given.

Left: When putting slate in the hallway it was hard to find a list wide enough in the style we liked so I made one in bronze with a Jane Austen quote that Elisabeth liked and suited the entrance to the library. Right. I made the lion head mold for another gift but my wife likes lions so it became a suitable doorsign decoration.