Family projects

Luckily my family are all fond of creating things. Elisabeth and I have done a great deal of renovation together, she is also great at sewing and my kids love being in the workshop.

Above: a Dungeon master screen in stained wood with bronze casted details and some of all the figurines, maps etc we have painted together during our epic D&D campaign. (The beholder is a friend turned nice by a wish spell, he is called Steve and enjoys afternoon tea and chess.)

Left: Dashboard of the soapbox car Astrid and I built. Center: “parentpower” the new gren way of travel. Right: Rönnblom Racing, a version of the classic RR symbol and the hare from the hare and tortoise. A fitting symbol for a toy that will run around like crazy but likely not end up first.

Left and center: joining me in the workshop is often more popular than TV etc and as long as that is the case I am grateful and try to make projects together. Right: Testrun, the stearing was too weak and a compleatly new construction was made.