Work related craft

I work as a ENT doctor with middle ear surgery as my special interest. If there is something that I brought with me to the clinical arena from my medieval hobby and the SCA besides the craft focus it is how much impact a small recognition of your fellow peer can have. Therefore I started to make little gifts to co workers that have made that little extra effort that is seldom seen or rewarded by the system.

Some Pictures are cut in this view so please click on them to get a better look.

Left: Larynx in bronze with silver canulae made for Per-Åke Lindestad. Center: The staff of asclepius in silver with a ultrasonic device and a silver heart on brass plate on tainted wood. The text is a collegues name and double doctor referring to his PhD ontop his MD. Right: po-medica are a great team that has enabled a lot of good surgery training that in the end saves patients from accidents.

Left: A 10:1 scale bronze casting of an ossicle from a long-eared owl. Middle: An experimental middle ear prostheses for human use inspired by the bird that I made for a scientific article, depicted from two different angles. Right: A 10:1 scale bronze casting of a human malleus with a fracture, made for Anders Niklasson when he got his PhD.

Left: Bradley Strong has tought me and many others about how to fix facial fractures. Babak Alinasb and Ola Fridman-Bengtsson from KI got a similar thing. Center:Anette Sörlin is a great dedicated audiologist that I work with. I made her this for her birthday. Right:Five cardiologist sat in a tree, one fell down and got some silver bling from me.

 Left: A bronze tree for Anna Dapefrid, a garden enthusiastic colleague that quit our clinic. With the text: remember your roots. Center:Silver pendants that I made during a 4 month stay in Umeå with the ENT head-neck tumor group. Given to co-workers that dedicate their work to this field. Right: The classic Asklepios staff with roughly translated wisdom: The art is great, time is short, the right moment quickly passes. Cast in bronze for the intensive care unit as a thank you for time spent working with them.
Left: Some medals I made as a humoristic present for three colleagues when they turned 50 years old. Center: Exact silver copies of the incus, malleus, stapes and cochlea and a 1 kr SEK to get the size. Thank you Prof Helge Rask Andersen for the use of your lab and material during my 3 months in Uppsala. Right:malleus, incus and stapes in an artistic interpetation. The stamp is somewhat unclear in the picture. Cast in bronze on darkened oak. A fun way to show both my work and hobby.
Left: To the “oldest” dame of the clinic Center: Rookie of the year Awarded to a friend at work Right:A gift to the surgery planner of our clinic.

Left: The surname of my boss is barrelöv. She told me the story of the missunderstanding of her name. Good thing she has a sence of humor. Center Larynx and trakea in silver to stick on your dr robe or tie, made for Leif Nordang in Uppsala and a few of his collegues.  Right: a gift for a gastro/colo scopist
Left: A gift for a thyroid surgeon Left: Centre: A silver nose for the jacket pocket of Pär Stjärne a sinus surgeoun Right: My nose cast in bronze with the text: you have a nose for plastic surgery, made as a token of appreciation to that local clinic after a few months spent there.
Left: A tea spoon in silver that I made for Sam Runeberg a GP who has spent a lot of time teaching me about being a doctor especially how to keep important values.  Center: A work related mentor award I made after an idea from Arne Hassler. Right:  My ear cast in bronze with the text: you will always have my ear. I made two copies. One for our local audiology department and one for the ENT anesthesiology and surgery staff as gratitude for all their work and time spent with them.
 Left:A silver medallion for long and loyal service to our local ear nose and throat clinic  Center: A bronze medal made to be delivered once a year to collegues at 3 hospitals in a region south of our home. They are chosen for their teaching skills. Right: Otoliten is a new young ENT dr group and this is a medal given in Sweden once a year for the big ENT dr of the year.
Left: silver tiepin and cuffs with anatomical and scale correct ossicles and inner ears. Right: bronze malleus with box etc to be used as the official gavel at the meetings of the Swedish otosurgical society.
Left: ears made for practice, our students can learn how to focus the ear microscope and remove foreign bodies from the ear canal. Our interns can lear how to place ear grommets in replaceable tympanic membranes held by a magnetic lid. Right: a set of four ears for the University of Umeå for the practical part of the examination of their medical students.
Removing foreign bodies from the airway of a child is something that require calm and steady hands. I built these models to aid the ent and anesthesiology colleagues in practice so that we all know what to do and what tools to use when this happens. Above left: how it was built, above right: the models with and without spontaneous breathing and a board so that it can be affixed to an operating table. Below: how it looks from the inside at different levels.
a bronze necklace of staphylococcus aureus to celebrate a colleagues Phd.